Ordo Sonic Lite Electric Toothbrush - Snow

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Ordo Sonic Lite Electric Toothbrush - Snow
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The Ordo Sonic Lite Toothbrush has been value engineered with our in-house dentists and product designers, to offer some of the key features from our Sonic+ toothbrush at an even more affordable price.  Still offering a premium clean and stylish design, available in 5 iconic colours.

Perfect for those new to electric brushing or those looking to brighten up their routine and their smile :)

With 35,000 sonic pulses per minute and two bespoke brushing modes, it ensures effective plaque removal and promotes healthier, whiter teeth.

Plus, it comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

  • 60 day guarantee
  • 2 year warranty
  • 35,000 sonic pulses
  • 2 brushing modes
  • 5+ weeks Li-ion battery
  • Smart 2-minute timer
  • Quad pacer
  • Waterproof design
  • USB-C charging 
  • Travel Friendly 
  • Suitable for dental work 
Recyclable Packaging
Designed by dentists
2 year warranty
5+ Week Battery life
Improves gum health
Removes stains
60 day guarantee

Value Re-Engineered

Experience a professional 'dentist-clean feel' at home with our Sonic Lite toothbrush, packed with high-end features, all at an even more accessible price.

Iconic Colours

Choose from some of our iconic colours designed for any smile.

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for You

Designed in 5 iconic colours, choose a brush that not only works but suits your style. Because your brush should be as unique as your smile


This clever little design with our Ordo logo doesn't just look great, it also acts as a handy anti-roll system to stop your brush from rolling off your sink.

Effortless Charging

The Sonic Lite toothbrush can be charged at home or on the go with our USB-C to USB-A cable.

Clean & Sensitive

Two perfectly designed modes to give you control over your brushing. "Clean" for a strong daily clean and "Sensitive" for those with sensitive teeth or new to electric brushing.

Sonic Lite vs Sonic+

Why, you may be asking yourself? Why make another electric toothbrush? Simple, our mission has always been to bring better oral care to everyone, this means making high quality electric toothbrushes at even more affordable prices. So what makes it different to our Sonic+, we have made this simple chart to help you.

One Toothbrush

Endless Benefits

Advanced sonic technology
2 brushing modes
2-minute timer with quad-pacer
Designed & Sold by Dentists
5+ weeks Li-ion battery
Superior plaque removal*
Improves gum health*
USB-C charging
60-day money back guarantee

Sonic Lite Toothbrush FAQs

Our Sonic Lite Toothbrush is covered by a free 2-year warranty. This expires 730 days after the date of purchase on the receipt of the order. 

The warranty provides full cover against technical faults through normal use. This means that if your product develops a fault during the warranty period, provided you have proof of purchase, we will arrange for it to be replaced free of charge.

What's not covered by the warranty:

  • Normal wear and tear.
  • Cosmetic defects such as scratches.
  • Accidental damage.
  • The product being tampered with. 
  • Improper use.
  • Repairs carried out by agents not authorised by Ordo. 
  • If the product has been used commercially or for business purposes.
  • Any loss as a result of not being able to use the product.
  • Deliberate damage or neglect of the product.

If your product has become faulty during the warranty period, please contact our team: hello@ordolife.com providing the following information: 

  • Proof of purchase - this can be a receipt of purchase from a retailer showing where and when you bought the goods, or an order number from our website if purchased directly through ourselves. 
  • Details of what the problem is. 

Yes, at Ordo we are all about keeping it simple and doing the basics right thats why we don't need lots of different heads to do the job. Our Sonic toothbrush heads are designed to fit both the Sonic Lite and Sonic+ toothbrushes. Simple

The Sonic Lite Toothbrush has 2 bespoke brushing modes. These include; Clean and Sensitive.

Sonic Lite is suitable for users from the age of 8 and above.

A "quad pacer" is a feature of the Ordo Sonic Lite Toothbrush that helps ensure you clean your teeth effectively. It pulses every 30 seconds, signalling you to move to a different quadrant (or quarter) of your mouth, helping you give equal attention to all areas of your teeth.

So on of the main differences is price, our Sonic+ toothbrush is £49.99 and our Sonic Lite is £34.99. In terms of features the differences are:

- Brushing modes - Sonic Lite has 2 modes and the Sonic+ has 4

- Charging - Sonic Lite has a USB-C charging cable, Sonic+ uses an induction charging base

- Power - Sonic Lite uses 35,000 sonic pulses, Sonic+ uses 40,000 sonic pulses

- Size - Sonic Lite is 24cm tall and the Sonic+ is 25cm tall. The Sonic Lite has a slightly more slender handle to the Sonic+ making it better for younger users

- Colours - Sonic Lite comes in 5 colours with a durable colour finish, the Sonic+ has a special colour finish and also comes in 5 colours

The Ordo Sonic Lite Toothbrush lasts 5+ weeks on a single charge. This makes it ideal for both home and travel use.

The Ordo Sonic Lite Toothbrush is indeed suitable for use with braces and other dental work. Its thoughtful design ensures an effective cleaning experience, no matter what kind of dental work you may have.

Demonstrating a strong commitment to the environment, the packaging of the Ordo Sonic Lite Toothbrush can be fully recycled using you at home card/paper recycling bin, reducing waste and contributing to a healthier planet.

The Ordo Sonic Lite Toothbrush is designed to improve both gum health and stain removal. Its sonic pulse technology provides deep cleaning, including between the teeth, promoting healthier gums. Moreover, its brush head features a silicone-polishing element for a gentle polish, helping to remove stains for a whiter smile.

We work with dentists across the UK to carefully design our products to meet the needs of optimum oral care in all our products, that means testing the products with them throughout the design process as well as trialling with patients to ensure we deliver best in class products at best in class prices.