About Us

Everyone deserves high-quality, affordable oral care that's effective for everyday use.

Our products do just that.

We are founded on the belief that brighter smiles don’t need to be costly for you or our planet.

Real People,
Real Smiles.

We want people to feel confident with their smile, irrespective of how it looks, as a happy smile is indicative of good health.

It’s a positive cycle. If you feel confident in your smile, you’ll smile more; and when you smile more, you’ll feel more confident.

With Ordo, you’re not only improving your oral care, but empowering other to embrace their smiles too.

Investing in
Healthy Smiles

Daily essentials don’t have to compromise on performance, sustainability or appearance.

We invest in quality formulas and materials that are safe to use and form stylish designs.

Limiting Our Impact

We were founded on the belief that a brighter smile doesn’t need to be costly for you or our planet. At Ordo, you can invest in valuable oral care at a fraction of the price, whilst knowing you’re supporting sustainable practices.

We’re limiting our impact on the environment, because something that you do twice a day, every day, should be both good for you and the earth.

Before Ordo, two brands led the oral care market...

Now there’s three.

Our Beliefs

We address oral care from a different angle, promising affordability, inclusivity, and a modern design ethos.

Here are some of our guiding principles...

Affordability & Value

Our products are formulated to push the boundaries of professional oral care at home, without compromising on style or cleaning power.

The oral care industry often sees prices swing wildly in a high-low pricing strategy, but Ordo maintain their prices all year round, rejecting the reliance on drastic sale promotions to encourage sales.

You can feel confident knowing that you’re making a smart investment in your oral health, not just now but for the future as well.

We Don’t Do
Instant Whitening

At Ordo, we understand that products that claim to ‘instantly whiten’ often don’t deliver on their claims. This is precisely why our Complete Care Toothpaste is advertised to simply restore the natural whiteness of your teeth.

Over the counter whitening products in the UK, unlike dental clinic administered whitening, aren’t allowed to contain more than 0.3% hydrogen peroxide under EU regulations. Whitening products need a minimum of 5% peroxide to deliver any significant results.